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Commercial & Residential Solutions

Our mission is to help you maintain inhabitable living and work spaces while preserving nature for wildlife and pets. Our friendly technicians are licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and Pennsylvania Wildlife Commission. Count on Enviro Management Group for professional pest management solutions.

We offer annual inspections and treatments for termites and other wood-destroying insects with on-site monitors checked on a quarterly basis. Our services are customized based on your home's construction style, materials and location. We apply treatments for the control of bed bugs, oil ants, spiders, bees wasps, roaches, store product pests, rats, mice, fleas, carpet beetles, silverfish, millipedes, centipedes, earwigs, and more.

Residential Pest
Control Solutions

It is necessary to get an honest evaluation from experienced pest control technicians at every stage of home ownership process. As a current or prospective homeowner, seller or realtor, our pest control inspections are invaluable to understanding how a property's outdoor spaces can be enjoyed. Our structural inspections for termites assist in assessing value and renovation costs.

There are two classifications we give residential pests: wood-destroying insects and everything else. Both classes can create significant costs outside of their eradication, like property damage and even hospitalization expenses. Enviro Management Group offers value-driven solutions that make the largest impact on your infestation with minimal impact on your maintenance budget.

Commercial Pest
Control Solutions

Pest control at your Pleasant Gap commercial property should be of the highest importance. The slightest hint of a bug or rodent infestation and it affects leasing rates on large properties. Also, it can negatively impact client opinions of doing business with you. To maintain the professionalism of your business space, make regular commercial pest control inspections with Enviro Management Group a part of your maintenance schedule. You save money not having to purchase inferior products that are harmful to the environment, and having untrained property management staff apply them incorrectly.

Because our solutions are environmentally safe, complete eradication of some pests is just not possible. If they return between our quarterly inspections, we are available on an emergency basis to address the problem at no cost to you.

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Agriculture Pest Control

For farmers, landscapers and other agricultural businesses, pest control is a different animal. It is a chore balancing the need for rodent and insect control with the specific needs of the business. You need an environmentally sound solution that encompasses an insect control product and humane rodent displacement, like Integrated Pest Management. View of IPM services to see if this type of treatment meets your pest issue needs.

Since all of our technicians are licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and PA Wildlife Commission, we have access to the latest technology, safety practices and regulatory requirements. We can formulate the perfect pest management solution for your agricultural business.